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    CPWS-China supplier of Quick Change EDM electrode holders Chuck vise fixtures

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    China Precision Workholding System Inc (CPWS)
    CPWS produce and export workholding tools for EDM,wireEDM,CNC machining, lathe turning
    CPWS is compatible with EROWA,System3R ,better price, good quality, fast shipping

    CPWS popular products: 
    EROWA-equivalent-----electrode holders, chuck,centering plate,chucking spigots, probe,measuring tooling
    System3R-compatible:-----chuck,electrode holders, pallets,drawbars,probe,measuring tooling
    wireEDM vise---toolmaker vise,adjustable vise,wireEDM ruler,clamping beam,wireEDM machine table
    zeropoint system,collet chuck,guide bush

    CPWS can accpet OEM,ODM service
    want try CPWS samples?
    CPWS is Chinese supplier of quick change workholding system,electrode holders,quick chuck,vise,fixtures for sinker EDM,wire EDM cutter,grinder,CNC machines,CPWS is compatible with EROWA,system 3R,F-Tool, at lower price, high accuracy, www.workholdingtool.com, sara@workholdingtool.comwww.erowa-system3r-edm.com