This is about CPWS Role 3) service


CPWS serves customers as the following 3 Roles.

        Role 1)     CPWS is a Chinese manufacturer of similar EROWA,System 3R workholding/fixtures/clamping tools for EDM,wireEDM,CNC machining industry,with very competitive lower price,good precision,CPWS system is 100% compatible/interchangeable with EROWA,system3R. 

       Role 2)      Aside from being manufacturer of workholding, CPWS is meanwhile big agent of several major China manufacturers in EDM,wireEDM tooling,filters,wires,mould tooling components,CNC tools,Cutting tools.  CPWS can get very lower agent price from local manufacturers.

       Role 3)     CPWS offers one-stop sourcing service for overseas importers.  This way,CPWS becomes your sourcing agent(buying office) in China to reduce your import cost,save your time,improve efficiency. services as blow:

              A---find suppliers of any product you are looking for,with competitive price

              B---comprehensive assessment of suppliers

              C---negotiations with suppliers on your behalf in terms of price,contract,payment term,urgent problem solving etc.

              D---Logistics and Warehousing-----collecting small shipments from different suppliers and add up in one big shipment to reduce your shipping cost

              E---Quality control,inspection,Packing,Logo Marking of the products from other suppliers before shipping.

              F---Business trip accompaning in China,Hotel reservation,Interpretation English-Chinese.

                                                            -------------More than you expect !!!!!!-----------------